Thursday, May 26, 2011

What We Are Working On

So, let me give you guys an idea what i'm working on right now. I'm waiting for my coffee so heres whats up. right now, im looking to make my own version of the native Filipino script called the baybayin. I want to be more effective with calligraphy, like Indian and Arabic scripts. While the native Filipino alphabet is actually based on these earlier forms of writing, alot of outside influences (colonization for more than 300 years) basically killed the writing. Modern revisits to the baybayin, stemming from tribal tattoo explosion from the 90's, led to the misuse of it. Heres a google images search on the baybayin so you know what it looks like.

For references im lookin at this. That is from youtube user Handselecta, their other videos are actually very useful too. This handstyle is very calligraphic in nature and clean to look at, very neat. It is also very easy to read, which is a priority for this Baybayin version since alot of people know what it is but cant really read it, next best thing is make it look legible and make them look at it a second time, and look up what it means as well.

I have this basically in mind, and i'm comin up with a script that is more arabic than south east asian. doing some research also which is really being helpful.


  1. Used to identify graffiti artists and taggers for a living for the police. We had a kid using similar style who kept tagging a museum nearby. I didn't arrest you in Tacoma, WA did I?

  2. im not even from the US man. haha

  3. Wow, good luck with the calligraphy! I got lazy only to think about it :D

  4. Cool blog man! keep up the great work!