Thursday, May 26, 2011

What We Are Working On

So, let me give you guys an idea what i'm working on right now. I'm waiting for my coffee so heres whats up. right now, im looking to make my own version of the native Filipino script called the baybayin. I want to be more effective with calligraphy, like Indian and Arabic scripts. While the native Filipino alphabet is actually based on these earlier forms of writing, alot of outside influences (colonization for more than 300 years) basically killed the writing. Modern revisits to the baybayin, stemming from tribal tattoo explosion from the 90's, led to the misuse of it. Heres a google images search on the baybayin so you know what it looks like.

For references im lookin at this. That is from youtube user Handselecta, their other videos are actually very useful too. This handstyle is very calligraphic in nature and clean to look at, very neat. It is also very easy to read, which is a priority for this Baybayin version since alot of people know what it is but cant really read it, next best thing is make it look legible and make them look at it a second time, and look up what it means as well.

I have this basically in mind, and i'm comin up with a script that is more arabic than south east asian. doing some research also which is really being helpful.

Flyin The Flag

one of my earlier designs. got the idea from an Atari tag from the forums i frequent. it is hella dirty, not really what i'm going for, but its a sketch. i intend it to be a lot cleaner when i put it up in paint. i want this one to be special, just right up there in a builiding. the brown stuff on the left side is dried up linseed oil. i didnt know the scanner would still pick that up, but its a lesson learned i guess. at least it doesnt stink, i heard of linseed oils getting spoiled after being exposed so i guess it falling on paper is better! lucky.

anyway, reviewing this sketch made me realize i need to step it up a notch. gonna be out of town for some time, be sure to check out art exhibits! 

Add Us On Facebook!

We're getting set up everyday, even just for a few hours. Expect more (actual) content next week! We will be movin to someplace else so things are a little bit disorganized right now picking things i'd be bringing along. anyway, add us up on facebook, twitter and tumblr.

Really excited with things comin up, but its gonna be a lot of work. Anyway, some of you might like this, I've been listening to it and trying to find more of it, especially like the ones they use in movies.

So, if you know what they're called, contact me PLEASE. that would be real cool of you. We working on some stickers too, right know, but i'm still thinking about where to use em since its gonna get rainy here for the next few months.

I'll keep you guys updated with more stuff next week, i promise. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We love graffiti anywhere we find it. Lets promote Filipino graff, legal AND illegal. Show what your city has and represent. Be one with the 7107! More content coming soon!